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Michael and Janice live in California and spend the winter there in their primary residence on the Central Coast. Since retiring, they live at their private island home, Honey Bee Island, in Canada’s 1,000 Islands during the summer months and then fly to their village home in Brittany, France in the spring.  They love to travel!


Janice was a dental hygienist while Michael’s vocation was to spend 30 years in prison…eh, in administration. Their avocation was to develop and perform a full evening magic stage show in a theater built for it. They retired after raising their children but instead of downsizing, they chose to 'up size' and experience as many adventures as they could. Michael tackles any household DIY task that his bride thinks up and so their homes are rich in detail and in character to the region they are living in. He loves to play with his amphibious airplane while Janice prefers to paint and read on terra firma.


Their 5 children and 6 grandchildren are scattered from Seattle Washington to Los Angeles California to Aachen Germany and parts in between.


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HBO film crew

Film crew shooting special on custom homes in our home

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